Swami Nikhileswarananda: the Urgent Need

In this age of globalization, there is an urgent need of having such type of conferences, not only for ushering in a global civilization for global peace, but also for protecting the globe from destruction at the hands of fanaticism about which Swami Vivekananda warned on 9/11 in 1893 at the World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago, it is a strange coincidence that exactly after 108 years on the same day – 9/11 in 2001, the twin towers of World Trade Center were destroyed as a result of fanaticism on the part of those who forgot the message of love and brotherhood given in all religions – Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism etc.

Humanity Cries Out

The Dawn of Interspirituality Conference is convening in three short weeks.  We will gather to recognize an essential oneness inherent in all religions, and the universal nature of the spiritual journey.  In addition, we celebrate the differences between the world religions as a source of mutual inspiration and illumination, rather than discord and conflict.

The world religions, far from being polarized in a hopeless conflict from which they can never recover, are actually mutually complementary aspects of a larger, unified spiritual reality. This insight and other key perspectives are rapidly emerging today in the burgeoning field of “interspirituality,” a term coined by Brother Wayne Teasdale to depict the dynamic metamorphosis that is taking place at the intersections of the world religions.  Rather than seeking a lowest common denominator, interspirituality focuses on the highest common unity among the world’s religions.  This transcendent unity of religions neither denies nor belittles their very real differences, nor does it produce quick or easy answers for resolving long-standing conflicts. What it does demonstrate is that outer differences between religions are dwarfed by deeper commonalities at the core of all religions.

Never has inter-religious harmony been more important than it is today. The Dawn of Interspirituality conference portends an auspicious, long-awaited breakthrough beyond religious division and strife toward unprecedented reconciliation and harmony among the world religions.  The one heart of humanity cries out for this across the globe.

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Experience Touch Drawing!

Emergance of SoulDeborah Koff-Chapin, who has been practicing Touch Drawing as a healing art form since originating it 1974, will be bringing her unique expression to the Dawn of InterSpirituality Conference.

The expressive art of Touch Drawing is used in the evocation of sacred space.  You’ll have to see her in action to appreciate her gift!

Jean Huston says this about her artistry, “Deborah’s work is a dance of her whole being on paper: subtle, mythic, poetic, archetypal. She is an artist of High Being.”

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Ed Bastian and Rev. Diane Berke: The Creation of an Interspiritual Association

In order for the Interspiritual movement to flourish and to be fully inclusive of diverse perspectives, disciplines and talents, it will be important to co-create an international association of organizations, teachers, writers and practitioners.  During the Dawn of InterSpirituality Conference, we will devote three one-hour afternoon sessions towards creation of the Association and urge conferees to join in this process.  Our goal will be to forge a vision and mission statement, program objectives, categories for membership, and social media presence.  The sessions will be facilitated by Rev. Diane Berke (One Spirit Learning Alliance) and Ed Bastian (Spiritual Paths Institute).

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