Dawn of InterSpirituality

An International Conference on Interspirituality

“This may be more important than we realize.”
~ Father Thomas Keating

Dawn of InterSpirituality

September 27 – October 4, 2013
Cascadian Retreat Center in gorgeous Washington State

Join Spiritual Leaders Across the Traditions!

This September we invite you to attend the Dawn of InterSpirituality Conference.  Together with faith leaders in the rapidly emerging field of “interspirituality,” plus scholars and interspiritual practitioners we will build on Father Thomas Keating’s Snowmass Interspiritual Dialogues’ (SISD) pioneering work.   Senior religious leaders, spanning an array of faith traditions, from Denmark, Ireland, India, South Africa, Canada, the United States and Colombia have committed to attend the conference.   In addition, participating will be prominent young religious leaders committed to  “new monasticism” and  “multiple religious belonging,” as well as other emerging themes in interspirituality and silent contemplative practice.

The format of the Dawn of Interspirituality conference will be largely experiential, following the SISD example. Presentations will be limited so as to allow plenty of “open space” for meaningful interactions, deep inquiry into questions of shared interest, and several periods daily of contemplative practices from diverse traditions.

The conference is open to seekers of all faiths who are eager to learn and share in this remarkable convergence of world religions.  People who identify as ‘spiritual but not religious’ are also welcome, as they constitute a major component of the emerging interspirituality movement.

The Dawn of InterSpirituality is a first step toward building upon the breakthroughs of the Snowmass Interspiritual Dialogues, and fostering harmony among the world religions through their contemplative and mystical foundations—where all religions meet as one.

“Now the time has come,” proclaimed the Dalai Lama during his recent U.S. tour, “Now!  This is the period [in history]:  we must make every effort to promote religious harmony.”

Cascadian Center at Camp Brotherhood

Cascadian Center at Camp Brotherhood


We have brought our hearts, minds and spirits together for the first time with alumni of the historic SISD gatherings!