Dawn of InterSpirituality – 2018

An International Conference on Interspirituality

“This may be more important than we realize.”
~ Father Thomas Keating


Join key interfaith leaders from around the world to collaborate on inter-religious harmony and dialogue across Latin America. 

We are fortunate to be joined by the senior leadership of the Instituto del Dialogo Interreligioso, co-founded with Pope Francis for peace across the religions.


ollage of photos from Dawn of InterSpirituality 2013

Please join us to:

  • Galvanize interfaith collaboration and interspiritual dialogue across Latin America;
  • Meet extraordinary religious leaders who are pioneering interfaith collaboration across the Abrahamic faiths in South America, and their counterparts in North America;
  • Discover remarkable breakthroughs where two or more faith traditions intersect;
  • Experience contemplative practices, prayer, and interfaith worship;
  • Explore the depths of the spiritual journey with earnest practitioners from across the religions;
  • Prepare a strong interspiritual presence for the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto, November, 2018;
  • Connect and Engage in experiential process, open space, and creative collaboration with spiritual leaders and seekers across traditions and continents.

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